2014 -
Co-founder of the GENEAMUS, Gesellschaft für Neue und Alte Musik
(International association for contemporary and early music)
2014 -
Freelance artist in Austria
2013 -
Founder of the Central European Organological Round Table (CEORT)
2011 – 2012
Lecture Demonstrations on organological conferences in Prague, and in Budapest
2010 – 2011
Organiser and producer of the international Series of 600 Years’ Instrument Marvels
2011 -
Holder of the ”Classic Award” of Hungaroton Record Company (100.000 + sold CDs)
2006 – 2010
Books (Electrophonia, Hungarian Folk Instruments and Classical Instrument Marvels)
2009 -
Holder of the prestigious ”Book of the Year 2009” prize
1981 – 2012
2824 concerts as a soloist and leader of the internationally recognized Mandel Quartet
1992 -
Director of the Mandel Productions Limted Co.
1992 – 2010
Director of the worldwide recognized World Music Festival WOMUFE
2004 -
Director of the European Union’s Festival of Central Region in Hungary
2003 -
Holder of the Merit of the Hungarian Republic
2002 – 2004
President of the Hungarian Festival Association
1982 – 1985
Conservator and consultant of Musical Instruments at the Academy of Sciences
1987 – 1989
Head of the Musica Antiqua Department of the stately owned Interconcert Inc.
1981 – 1982
Scholar of the German Music Council at the Germanisches Nationalmuseum, Nuremberg
1977 -
Self-employed musician
1975 – 1977
Student of the Hungarian Musical Instrument Making School Chordophone Faculty


• 35 years of experience in making and restoring musical instruments
• 30 successful years of making music with the world famous Mandel Quartet
• Professional in book layout design, winner of the “Book of the Year 2009″ prize
• Multilingual: prominent in English, German and Hungarian
• Proficient in Adobe CS6 Master Collection, Flash, HTML and pre-press technologies
• Operating systems: Windows, MacOS
• Software: Microsoft Word, MS Excel, PowerPoint, Adobe inDesign, Adobe Photoshop, KeyNote
• Any smartphones and other appliances (iPhone, BlackBerry, iPad)


• Musical Instrument Making, Budapest, Hungary,
College of Musical Instrument Making, 1975-1977
Tutor: Tibor Semmelweiss, president of the jury of the Triennale violin making competition Cremona

• Musical Instrument Conservation and Organology, Nuremberg, Germany,
Germanisches Nationalmuseum, Musical Instrument Collection, 1981
Special scholarship of the German Music Council,
Professors: Dr. John Henry van der Meer, Dr. Friedemann Hellwig

• Restorer at The Hungarian Academy of Sciences
Institute for Musicology, Budapest, 1982-1985



• As an early music performer, soloist and band leader, musician and presenter, my solo bookings include among others the “NBC Today Show” (Gene Shalit), the WQXR “Listening Room” (Bob Sherman) in New York City, the WFMT “Studs Terkel Show” in Chicago, the Berkeley Early Music Festival and Exhibition in San Francisco, the Purcell Room in London, the BBC-TV “Pebble Mill at One” and “Blue Peter” shows in Birmingham and in London, the Old Jaffa Chamber Music Festival in Tel-Aviv, the Theatro Municipal in Rio de Janeiro, the Bregenzer Festspiele in Austria, the NDR Talkshow in Hamburg, the Radio Vaticana, the Cervantino Festival in Mexico City, the Sydney University in Australia and the “Beyond 2000″ TV-show in Sydney.

Selected discography

• Series of baroque music composed for the vielle (historical rotary lute or hurdy-gurdy). Compositions of Michel Corrette HCD 32102, Philibert Delavigne – Les Fleurs HCD 32201, Jacques Martin Hotteterre – La nonce champetre HCD 32334, and Christophe Lemenu de Saint Philibert – 6 cantatilles HCD 32564 – on authentic period instruments. (Hungaroton)

• Series of medieval and renaissance music with the Mandel Quartet (Ungaresca, HCD 31429 / Hurdy-gurdy Collection, HCD 31428 / Medieval and renaissance music, HCD 31138) (Hungaroton)

• East European Hurdy-Gurdy Music, (Alpha Records Japan)

• Roots and Routes, Electrotary works, Energy Project (Contemporary “world” music for the Electrotary, an electronic hurdy-gurdy invented by Robert Mandel) with Markus Stockhausen, Hossam Ramzy, Johannes Heimrath, Mathias Frey


• Chief executive of Interkoncert Artists Agency, The “Musica Antiqua Department”, Budapest, 1986-1989

• Founder and director of the World Music Festival (WOMUFE), 1992- (yearly)
Among others I presented: Ravi Shankar, Anoushka Shankar (India/USA), Munir Bashir (Iraq), Sultan Khan (India), Lakshmirayana Shankar (India), Nana Vasconcelos (Brazil), Rabih Abou-Khalil (Lebanon), Zakir Hussain (India/USA), Okuta Percussion (Nigeria), Orlando Valle Maraca (Cuba), Gypsies of Rajasthan Musafir (India), Huun-Huur Tu (Tuva), Fanfare Ciociarlia (Romania), Kocani Orkestar (Serbia), Hossam Ramzy (Egypt), Ivo Papasov (Bulgaria), Yoruba Drummers (Nigeria), Marta Sebestyen and Muzsikas (Hungary)….etc. 110 front-rank “world” music performers and ensembles since 1992

• President of the Hungarian Festival Association, 2002-2004
Authorized representative of 352 Festivals

• Director of the British Early Music Festival Budapest
I presented the London Baroque, Katherine McIntosh, Charivari Agréable, Florilegium and Dufay Collective

• Artistic Director of the “600 Years of Instrument Marvels” series,
Palace of Arts, Budapest, 2010-2011
An international concert series presenting front-rank medieval, renaissance, baroque and classical ensembles and soloists.

• Director of the Festival Cubano, 2000- (yearly)
The worlds’ best Cuban bands and performers from Habana, and from all over the world. We invited the Grammy Nominee Cuban group Maraca, Cubanismo feat. Jesus Almeny, the Habana Son Club, Jose Ritmo, Clan Cubano etc.



• Hungarian Folk Instruments, in English, Kossuth Publishing, 2008

• Classical and Romantic Instrument Marvels, in English, Kossuth Publishing, 2010

• Electrophonia in English, Kossuth Publishing, 2006

• Robert Mandel, Rózsvölgyi Publishing, 2005


• I have recently been decorated with the Order of the Hungarian Republic

• I received the Hungaroton Classic Records Lifetime Achievement Award (50.000 sold early music LPs and CDs)

• I am the winner of the “Book of the Year 2009″ Prize, Hungary

• I am the founder of the Central European Organological Round Table (CEORT)

• I am member and consultant of the Hungarian Musical Instrument Makers Association

• I am a member and consultant of the Hungarian Festival Association



References Available Upon Request